Saturday, January 3, 2009

My first enlightened month of blogging, December 2008

OK guys, I have been thinking of writing over this title for over 4 days every now and then, not that it was hard to write but it's just that I have been a little busy. I KNOW that this might look stupid, I mean why would someone wanna read a newbie's blogging experience right?? But I would still like to share and get your reviews on it.
It all started with of course, I came up with something stupidly innovative, Yellow Candy, it just popped into my mind and I went along with it. Twitter helped me following different like minded people it was like a source of inspiration for me. I met a lot of people having dedicated blogs on Technology, and I realized most of the successful bloggers have a common niche, i.e Techno, I also noticed people have become trendy and they wait for a news to break up or a new gadget, plug in, software or a widget to fall in the market and they blog about it just than. It's kinda right too. This is how you manage to attract a large traffic to your page. But I decided not to do that, and as you can see, I write about different things, and just about anything that I feel good writing about.

  • First step was to start reading different blogs that interest me.
  • helped a lot in getting traffic, I experienced over 100 visits a day on my very initial posts from this website, you don't get that many clicks, but you get a good amount of unique page visits.
  • I personally did not like that much, that's because I met a lot of people there shouting at me, asking me to digg their posts which don't interest me at all, they will digg yours without even reading just in greediness of getting their posts dugg. So you get visitors but not the loyal ones and not as much as you expect.
  • Commenting on other blogs is a very constructive activity, it helps you socializing, making new friends and attracting loyal readers from different other blogs. It creates back links and a back support for your blog. And most of all it shows your ability to encourage and criticize others and thus is creates your authenticity in the web community.
  • *Creating social friends ( I would like to thank those specially who helped me out digging, stumbling and Twitting ).

Also i would like to share my Future Plans here, which I will be implementing very soon, since i have vacations right now.

  • Shifting to WP (word press) very soon, because of more comprehensive SEO plug ins, 1000 of widgets and plug ins and millions of themes that are available and the benefits of using dot com too.
  • Since I am good with Photoshop, although I haven’t been using it for months, I would also be creating a premium logo for Yellow-Candy.
  • Will be using the all in one SEO plug in, using appropriate widgets and plug ins with word press can do amazing wonders and show shocking results.
  • Will be creating a blog as well, which will only contain a short review of all my popular posts.
  • keep on twitting and stumbling
  • And last but not the least, keep posting of course.

In the end, here are the Top 5 most visited posts of the month made by me

Does Microsoft house really exist?
Top 10 Interesting Facts about Barack Obama
Top 5 Recommendations for Replacement of Daniel Craig
Google Street View, No more Privacy?

Classified New Year celebration parties in Karachi.

I think my progress, considering it was my very first month was quite good. Please give your reviews in the comment box below, specially the New Bloggers, to make this post more knowledgeable and informative.


  1. I would like to wish best of luck for your future in blogging and May u get success in it.

  2. thanks a lot buddy, won't disappoint you..!

  3. Best of luck in everything.

    Its good to see new bloggers around.

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  5. Thanks, and its good to see experienced bloggers coming in and appreciating :-D..

  6. Its good to see that you have learnt alot ... looking up for more cool things from you ... keep up the good work :)

  7. Best of luck man :) ...and good article!

  8. thanks Asad and Umair...i'm glad you guys liked it...

  9. hey that was good.. i'm a starter too so those are some good tips there..

  10. hey thankss...first time a junior is commenting, :)


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