Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Does Microsoft House really Exist??

Microsoft home? What does it look like? Does it has high tech bathrooms and kitchens? Is there a universal remote control for the TV, lightings, doors, windows, air conditioning, refrigerator and the music system. Does the house talk to you? Question is, does this kind of house even exist, and the answer is Yes it does and its way beyond our expectations.
A shining steel, geodesic structure where food appears upon command, where physical walls are replaced by lightening effects, robots handle all manual chores, makeover of your room is changed according to your moodset. Does this fit your general vision of the home of the future? Blame that on Hollywood. What might the average home look like in the next few years? This big question floats around the Microsoft Home, situated within a building on the company’s main corporate campus in Redmond, Wash. The home’s mission: To explore ways technology could improve our daily lives in the near future.

Microsoft Home is but one possible vision of what the average person’s home might be like in five to 10 years. Although government officials and Microsoft employees have been granted access to view the Microsoft House, its still not opened for public, But I can best describe the view and functions of the house according to what I found on the internet through the research.

You enter the house by placing your palm on a glass panel by the front door to prove your identity. You are welcomed by a panel which indicates the temprature and provides options to set up the lightening effect and music etc before you enter the house.
The house is connected to every member of family and it knows the calendars and schedules, if you would like to be tracked you can wear a GPS watch or carry a cellphone and you will be connected to the house 24/7 no matter where ever you are in the world.
As the house comes to life, it’s remarkable how unremarkable everything looks. The furniture looks a little nicer than what we have, and it certainly is a little cleaner. Best thing, it stays that way.
You can set in the options if you would like you HDTV to turn on automatically when you enter your bedroom, and than there’s a large variety of media options that are available. We can watch TV from cable or satellite; access anything that we have stored on our PC, surf the Internet, or look at photos. Shared subscription services also allow us to access music and media from friends and family. When you got to leave, the HOUSE pauses the music and it resumes when you jump in your car and turns on your LCD car TV right where you left it off.
There’s this thing called Radio Frequency ID tags also known as SmartTags, which many large Retail chains are currently using in their retail products. The house has sensors which detects them and performs a lot of daily life functions that helps making your life a lot more luxurious and comfortable. For e.g when you get back home after grocery shopping and lay your stuff anywhere in the kitchen, the microwave detects how much cooking time should an item take. The refrigerator shouts when an item is missing in it because you probably don’t like ending up with no beer in the fridge while watching a movie. By the way, did I mention? The house actually talks to you. So, through its SmartTag sensors it beeps you when you are about to throw a red shirt with white in the washing machine instead of knowing it THE HARD WAY.
Moreover, a mirror in the bedroom closet uses OLED technology to display the weather and reads the SmartTags in clothes hanging in the closet to help mix and match items appropriate for the outside temperature. Regardless of the weather, it can also use the SmartTag information to help the fashion-challenged assemble an outfit that goes together.
And last but not the least, the bedroom is programmed to enhance a story, LED lights are able to present lightening effects and form different images on the ceiling and the walls, and we can hear digital sound effects in the background. We can also improvise the images into animations. So guess what happens when you command your house to ENHANCE A STORY, It reacts and starts illuminating your words into a presentation.

Enoughhh..! Now, Does that mean this kind of house is really coming near to us ??


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