Thursday, January 1, 2009

Classified New Year Celebration Parties in Karachi

Despite of the Moharram, there were 10 different New Year Dance Parties in the city last night. I know that for a fact because there’s this guy in my office , he had returned from US recently, and he was invited at the American consulate and was allowed to bring along 3 friends with him to the New year celebration party, and I have once been to a party in one of these consulates so I can tell these are REAL high profile parties with all the booze you can drink and all the great music played by posh Djs hired with an amazing dance floor and lightning and of course the REAL POSH crowd. I was at HAWKS BAY last night at a party, so I saw quite a lot of scenes. First on my way to Manora Cantonment ( I hade to take this way cuz I had to go through sands pit) there was a police check post. We had to stop there and get our selves checked like we were terrorists; all they found was a pack full of Cds and headsets as there was a DJ with me in the car. Of course they didn’t find something we were hiding in our shoes ;-), and a pack of Rizlas lying under my seat cover. Than the funniest part was, there were 5 different check posts at different spots, Cops all over Sands pit and Hawks Bay and we stopped at every check post got our selves and the car checked and went a head. At one of these check posts I saw a car filled with 5 people stopping and one of the guys came to me and asked me if I knew where HUT # B26 was, I told him I had no idea, he even showed me his PASS which he got for around 5k (that was hard to believe), So now I know it wasn’t the only party that I was going to In that area. On my way I also saw some cops and a mobile with a truck loaded with stuff like the dance floor and sound system and a dozen guys arrested heading towards the Sands Pit police station..HILARIOUS isn’t it?.

During this time I got 3 different calls from friends telling me that there are parties at farm houses, private bungalows and undergrounds cafes where I refused to go because most of the times these kinda parties are total Gashtees ( if you know what I mean). Finally, there was a dance party at Karsaz and I think it was at PAF base, where there’s a hidden club inside for Air force officials, it has a wooden dance floor and the most expensive lightning I have seen in Karachi (not even at Carlton).
People in Karachi never miss a chance of enjoying no matter what, Still a lot of people are blinded to what’s going on in the city and they had never been to a dance party, and all these parties are kept classified because they don’t wanna spoil their evening having a great crash or entertaining the most weirdest crowd with the most latest music. LOLZ.
There are people such stupid as the ones buying tickets to these parties for 5k each and spending another 5k on booze and the girls and ending up in the police station paying 5k under the table to the COPS and getting cursed by the girl friend. And at the same time there are people who can organize 10 different parties in one single day and still manage to sell tickets for more than what it worth and also succeed in keeping all the parties classified and un-exposed.


  1. being a party animal myself i totally agree.....all the good parties are classified and they should be cuz they are only for the elite........

    I would like to share one of my experience of Gashtee party since you have mentioned. I got this invite of a party and the invitation card was blank except cell number.. icalled this guy to know the whereabout he explained me the coordinates it was in some farm near dreamworld........ I went all prepared with my girl and as soon as i entered look wht i found zillion of guyss and few girls which were escorts...... huhhh what an experience

  2. cool. idk that they had this stuff in khi, here in dubai i KNOW they hav that stuff, but cuz of ma age i cant go no where x(

  3. Fantastic Post People in Karachi never miss a chance of enjoying,


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