Thursday, February 17, 2011

Social Media Etiquettes :-)

Hello people,

I have not been able to post anything new for quite some time now. My entire attention and efforts had been directed totally towards some business establishments and studies. But honestly, I missed blogging. :-)

So here I am with a new thought. A thought that I just bumped into a few days ago while I was facebooking with friends, linking with business associates across the world using LinkedIn or sharing videos on YouTube or tweeting my most interesting activities of the day with twitter. What I just realized was, the entire time that someone spends on Facebook or any other social network, is like an event. You browse across your school friend's wedding pics and you realize you have grown up, you wish people their birthdays, you might have a short chit chat with a friend who had moved far away, you never forget to share your pics when you become a part of any hot and happening event.

People associate you with your profiles these days, the way we update our Facebook pages and the way we go into details of our day to day events, 10-20 years later your 4 year old can see how you used to be when you were a teen, who were your friends and how you fought with them, may be even how you broke up with your first girlfriend/boyfriend. Its like how some nerds used to write a daily diary in the old days which they would never let anyone read.

I wonder whether there will ever be a need for any etiquettes of using these websites...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

You know your PC is a BOT when...

Before I say anything, lets watch this Video

Now I know what you are thinking. You are probably thinking why would anyone get into your PC. You probably don't use a webcam so you are not worried about being watched. You probably don't use your PC for anything except for some online research. You probably just like to get online to check your facebook status and listen to online music. You probably just use internet to download lectures. So Why in hell would someone waste his time and efforts just to get into your PC? Here is the thing. They have got nothing to do with what you are and what you do online. Your PC is just one of the million PCs they use for Cyber Wars and Cyber Crimes. These controlled computers are thus called 'Zombies', which is an important tool for Cyber Warfares. They might also use your PC for

-Spreading a Virus
-Stealing private information

Ever wondered that a spam email hitting your inbox was generated by a BOT (slave PC) just like yours. Imagine how many of those mails are generated everyday. Imagine how many BOTS are there currently.

I am sure most of you already know a lot about this and if you don't, google it. The question is, how many of us have really thought about taking a step? How many of us are really concerned? How many of us want to be sure that they are not being monitored or being used as a BOT for God knows what reason?

In my next post, I will be posting a solution to this. An Advanced Internet Security Solution. And NO, Its not an Anti Virus. And YES, everyone can afford it.

So, You know your PC is a BOT when, You go online!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Moving one step a head using Twitter through my cellphone

I can't describe my excitement at this time :-), all because i'm now able to tweet through my stupid little old cellphone which is not even GPRS enabled using iSMS service. Its a free service, but the only thing is since its the beta version, its Invite only. I got the invitation when i commented on this post at Bhonpoo, and so every one who joins gets to invite 10 more people to join the service. Once you invite some one and they accept the invitation and join the service, you get 5 more invites added to your account, which is a wonderful way of growing.
Once you are being invited by someone, you receive an email, you create your account, you put in your cellphone number and you start recieving sms from iSMS server. Than you integrate your twitter account simply by putting in your twitter name and password and start tweeting simply by typing tweet "140 characters of message" and send to iSMS server. It will be updated in seconds.
If you wanna send me a tweet after you have joined you can do it by typing zeesh "140 characters of message" and send it to iSMS server.
Alrite, so far this is an awesome service for me, i am assuming i can now tweet atleast 50 times more than i used to do before, because now twitter is handy, now its in my pocket all the time, i can tweet before i go to bed, i can tweet when the power is out and it's all free and hopefully it will remain free :-). So i'm simply lovin it.
Leave a comment here to get the invites, only 10 available right now....!!

Please Retweet by clicking here if you like the service and want other to use it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

10+ Best Twitter Tools You Better Be Aware Of

I am back :-) with another post on twitter. I can't help it guys, this one thing is driving me so crazy i really can not help posting about it again and again. This time its the Twitter Tools.
We see at least a dozen new Twiter tools every other day, So i thought why not sharing the best of the best that are available and are used more often. The title of the post says 10+ Best... So i am gonna share..lets say 10. And rest can come from you guys. Because i know you all have your own favorites and you all wanna share them. So why not here too.

These are some tools you should really be using/be aware of if you love TWITTER.

Sleek Adobe Air desktop client for Twitter offering a good overview with several panes.

twhirl | the social software client
Yet another popular Twitter clients.

Twellow :: Twitter Search Directory, Twitter Search Engine
Twellow is the “Yellow Pages” of Twitter. I personally love this great service.

Magpie: Make Money on Twitter
Magpie is an ad-network for Twitter. It boast that users can make something like 50 to 200$ a month just by tweeting. - Twitter Analytics
Both a Twitter search engine and popularity stats at the same time (e.g: showing most active users).

Tweetburn and Tweetroll
This is yet another great service. You can find people related to your niche on Twitter and they provide a great Twitter widget named Tweetroll.

Twitturly - Real-time Link Tracking on Twitter
Digg-like interface for the currently hot tweets.

TwitterFox – naan studio

Simple but effective and popular Twitter Firefox add on.
This tool allows you to create address groups of people at Twitter and notify all of them at once.

This is one great service, I personally took a lot of advantage from this service. After using this, You will have no complaints regarding people who don't follow you back. You will love it.

Share Your favorite Twitter tools and Tips In the comments below and spread the word. Also don't forget to tell how many of the above services are you using and how was your experience :-)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Has my Blog really gone viral??

Only God knows in what conditions i am making this blog post, I haven't slept for more than 30 hours, its getting tougher for me to manage my business classes along with a full time job and of course i have some (real) social life as well.

Ok, so here's the thing, I am making this blog post only because something extra ordinary has happened and is still happening with my recent post How to put a Retweet link in your Tweets. As you all can clearly see, my blog is quite messed up at the moment and it's only been a couple of months I started blogging, out of which the first month passed out only learning how to blog.

First of all i would like to thank @Dhollings for providing such a great tip, and just to spread his word i made a quite similar post and believe me or not, the only reason was, so that people start Retweeting more and more and in this way interesting articles and blog posts may get the traffic and the kind of responce they actually deserve.

This is what happened when i used my own technique to put the Retweet link in my Tweet.
I obviously don't have time to count the number of followers my tweet reached.

Apart from this, my blog was being linked at some of the greatest blogs as you can see here at Techcrunch. For which i would really like to thank Techcrunch.

And in the end my special thanks to Retweetist for providing such a great backup support and marketing for my blog post and of course Thanks a lot to twitter for being so effective and essential. Twitter is the Future!

I have some more great ideas and tips through which we can play around with these tools more and get unbelievable amount of traffic everyday. Please comment here so that i can see how much am i appreciated and so that i'm encouraged enough to take out time and post some more articles.