Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Google Street View, No more Privacy?

Well I bet every person in this world wishes if he/she could travel to anywhere in the world and actually drive down its city's streets while checking out some of the local attractions? Google Street View does just that, providing 360-degree street-level views of places all around the world. The views are taken from cameras mounted on cars that capture everything, and we mean everything, around them. And that's part of the problem...

On certain city views, women have been caught sunbathing and a few guys have been pictured coming out of strip clubs. Once this gets further and the technology is advanced, we will see people fighting and smoking pot across the streets, we can see at what time the street hookers get around in Milan, Italy, Not just that but any of those, who bunk colleges could be caught with girlfriends by their parents somewhere around the street. The feature on Google Maps has raised questions about personal privacy, and lawyers in Japan are asking Google to take down the images. While it may be a groundbreaking new use for the internet (anyone wanna go on a tour of Rome?), it also infringes on peoples' rights to privacy -- who knows when a car mounted with a camera could be driving down your street, catching you doing something you'd rather keep secret?

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