Sunday, December 21, 2008

How much do you think before writing a new Blog post

Do you really think before writing a new blog post? Well I do, and since I am new to this incredible world, I wouldn't know about others. Sometimes I think more than I should before creating a new blog post, I think about the theme, the topic, and than the content and the images to go with it. I also think about what the reader’s perception would be after going through my post, and when you think about readers, you know that not every reader will have the same perception. You obviously can't go about writing something that satisfies all the readers. Only a group of people will appreciate what you are doing and some will criticize, some won’t even bother to say anything and some will not even bother reading.

When I started blogging, I thought I will set up a particular theme, and work on it consistently, but as I began to visit different blogs and read hundreds of different kinds of posts, I figured out that there are just so many things to write about and so less time to analyze everything at the same time. I got distracted by different people coming in with innovative and creative ideas and got so messed up that I didn’t know who to follow. Since I’m not a technical guy, I obviously can't go about starting a techno blog unlike millions of other bloggers, I wouldn't want to write about "how to make money" as I am new my self and I am yet to discover the secrets of making money online.

The more I thought about what to write, the more I got confused and than I asked my self a question.” why is it necessary to write?” And after thinking a lot, the answer is, it’s necessary to write because you can't hold all the thoughts that click in your mind forever, at times you are obsessed with something to an extent where you can best describe that thing in your own words and those words become history. The kind of guy I am, a new idea or a thought pops up in my mind after every 30 mins, sometimes you let it go, sometimes you tell people around you about it, but they might not find it interesting. But I am glad, through blogging, you can not only save all the beautiful, innovative and ground-breaking thoughts of yours, but also have people to read what you have got to say. So the idea of the moment is to write about what ever comes in your mind first.

If you read this post all the way, and you are a blogger, please tell us how much do you think before writing a new Blog post?

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