Friday, December 19, 2008

Rain in Winters

Its been raining here in karachi for quite a while now. It rained just before eid and electrocuted a few animals and now its raining even more. You can't obviously go out in rain in winters just as you do usually in other seasons, but you sure do enjoy the view and the weather, so instead of running out in rain and catching cold, i would rather express my feelings here. Its amazing experience and just…. just…. too beautiful to say the least. And something about freedom… well i believe you are free when you can shout with full force to your heart’s content without being bothered by anyone. When you can jump, sing, dance, slide, play like a child and are oblivious to your surroundings, you just have a great time in all. Sometimes you are just left speechless by the great beauty in the most simple of things that nature bestows. Nature, being an artist at its heart, can’t stop itself in creating masterpieces wherever it gets chance. And thus you see brilliance everywhere, in every hook and corner that just lefts you amazed and overawed at its architecture.

Take example of the rain, so pure and serene, with freshness in its essence and a cleansing nature, its very touch at times makes you feel divine. And then the fragrance and the greenery of the bathed environment, truly spiritual. Makes you keep on falling in love with it. You tend to get so happy with rains around, elevated to a higher level of your spiritual being , that you start radiating energy. The best feeling are often expressed in Silence… so is mine towards rains. It has been three consecutive days of pouring here and i haven’t missed a single chance of making myself feel one with nature.

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