Monday, February 2, 2009

10+ Best Twitter Tools You Better Be Aware Of

I am back :-) with another post on twitter. I can't help it guys, this one thing is driving me so crazy i really can not help posting about it again and again. This time its the Twitter Tools.
We see at least a dozen new Twiter tools every other day, So i thought why not sharing the best of the best that are available and are used more often. The title of the post says 10+ Best... So i am gonna share..lets say 10. And rest can come from you guys. Because i know you all have your own favorites and you all wanna share them. So why not here too.

These are some tools you should really be using/be aware of if you love TWITTER.

Sleek Adobe Air desktop client for Twitter offering a good overview with several panes.

twhirl | the social software client
Yet another popular Twitter clients.

Twellow :: Twitter Search Directory, Twitter Search Engine
Twellow is the “Yellow Pages” of Twitter. I personally love this great service.

Magpie: Make Money on Twitter
Magpie is an ad-network for Twitter. It boast that users can make something like 50 to 200$ a month just by tweeting. - Twitter Analytics
Both a Twitter search engine and popularity stats at the same time (e.g: showing most active users).

Tweetburn and Tweetroll
This is yet another great service. You can find people related to your niche on Twitter and they provide a great Twitter widget named Tweetroll.

Twitturly - Real-time Link Tracking on Twitter
Digg-like interface for the currently hot tweets.

TwitterFox – naan studio

Simple but effective and popular Twitter Firefox add on.
This tool allows you to create address groups of people at Twitter and notify all of them at once.

This is one great service, I personally took a lot of advantage from this service. After using this, You will have no complaints regarding people who don't follow you back. You will love it.

Share Your favorite Twitter tools and Tips In the comments below and spread the word. Also don't forget to tell how many of the above services are you using and how was your experience :-)


  1. Thanx a lot for the tools. Would definitely check them out. Great blog, keep up the good work.

  2. thanks...i m flattered :-)
    watch out for the next upcoming posts... have been planning on for a little while now..!


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